Laser Scanning:
How Your Company Benefits

By: Mica Benedikt
In: Business Productive
2022, May 5
The truth is technology should be saving your firm money, and time and making your projects easier. That is exactly what laser scanning can achieve

Laser Scanning for as-builts Saves You time and money

  • No more renting expensive equipment
  • Stop using old, slow ways of measuring
  • No more training staff whose skills could be better spent elsewhere
  • The bigger the project scale, the bigger the savings and efficiency
  • Get building information in a format you can use

Laser Scanning will you Better Accuracy for final deliverables

  • Measure details such as MEP
  • No more revisions from missed information on site
  • Modern scanners are capable of achieving +/- 1 mm accuracy
  • No objects were missed during the verification
  • Get point cloud walkthroughs and 360 images

Laser Scanning will improve communication between departments

  • Now all parties know what is on-site
  • Reduce surprises during design and construction
  • Field conditions are presented in a way everyone can understand
  • Easily convey conceptual design with point cloud data

Laser Scanning will improve workflow between the trades

  • Verified data the entire team can utilize at the same time
  • Data can be merged in all different software
  • Easily check for clash detection before subs get on site
  • Estimate materials in advance
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